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Transcript of 1st XMRV Workshop Q&A


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FYI we just posted our "close" transcript of the 1st XMRV Workshop Q&A.

You can check it out at XMRV GLobal Action here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/XMRV-Global-Action/216740433250?ref=ts#!/notes/xmrv-global-action/transcript-of-the-1st-international-xmrv-workshop-qa/438284026796

Hope this makes the info more accessible to those of you who couldn't view the podcast.

FYI the FDA Q&A session subsequently had an official transcript several days after their media briefing. We'll post if the NIH also produces an official transcript.


XMRV - L'Agent du Jour
XMRV = (retro)virus MLV's = sequences

Ok, so right away there, almost at the top of the transcript, Dr Coffin is clarifying the difference in terminology between XMRV (found by the WPI) and the MLV's (also found by WPI but also Lo/Alter FDA/NIH).

ie. Whereas XMRV is considered a complete virus, the word he actually uses to describe the MLV findings is 'sequences' . In fact he clarifies by calling them rather colloquially : " .. a bunch of different sequences".

(ie not whole viruses, or strains, or variants, or whatever other word it was we came up with - brain fog is soooo annoying when trying to get head around the science).

I think 'variant' implies a whole virus, which is not what Dr C is saying here. He is clarifying that we only have evidence of 'bits and pieces' of the MLV's (if I've interpreted correctly), ie only 'sequences'.