TONS of Vitamin C?


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So, I'm recently struggling with fatigue and I've tried a few remedies... and I'm trying to think of things I can do that are simple to go along with the others.

I've heard that you "cant' take too much" Vit C, and that some people on very high doses have seen improvements in various conditions, so I thought I would try it. Anyone have any experience, knowledge, or advice here?


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Hi SteveRacer

Its hard to take too much vit C, but not impossible. At high doses it could act like a drug and cause side effects by altering biochemistry. High doses of vit C can also INCREASE oxidative stress by an interaction with free iron if you have any. I would certainly not do this if you have never been checked for hemachromatosis.

Vitamin C works in a network with Vit E, glutathione, coQ10 and lipoic acid. This network is only as effective as the weakest link. You would be better advised to take a more moderate dose of all five, although how you take glutathione is a matter of debate and personal choice. N-acetyl cysteine is popular for this, as is undenatured whey protein. Dissolving glutathione under the tongue might get some absorbed, as might nebulizing sprays. Maybe someone else can comment on more recent evidence on glutathione absorption than I am aware of?

Some patients do seem to respond to megadose vit C, but others have no response. I don't recall if anybody gets worse, but it wouldn't surprise me. Some doctors can infuse vit C directly into the blood stream - having a doctor who knows a lot about this might help prevent or deal with complications. Also, the type of vit C is important - you want a mixture so that it is well absorbed over time and not overly acidic.



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I had high-dose Vit C IV's and I didn't notice any improvement. Didn't notice any ill effects either.


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If I have a cold (just a simple one) I find that high dose Vit C (I take 1000 tablets several times a day) really helps to cut the duration. I've tried it for general ME symptoms but makes no difference.

It's been very hard to find Vitamin C preparation that I can tolerate without severe stomach pain, nausea and vomiting. I different powders and tablets over the decades. Ester C is best for me to take.


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I take just 500mgs a day. I take many supplements and they all work together. Carnetine, Lipoic Acid, Vit E, B12, D ribose, many more. They all work together. I wish there was a single supplement to help, but there are usually many things needed.


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I had vitamin c intravenous and saw no difference. I have a CFS friend who did IVs with no difference. I guess one basic cfs combo might be a combination of cq10, l carnitine, and d-ribose. The d-ribose would have to be in powder form so you can take enough of it. I know people this has helped. I'm not sure of the doses though, but if you decide to do this, maybe ask here for doses.


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High dose Vit C was actually the first treatment I was offered after my ME "diagnosis" back in 1990. I can't remember the exact dose but it was a lot (it had niacin in with it).
I also had intravenous Vit C of 45 grams over an hour for up to 5 days at a time as part of HBOT therapy in 1996/97 and I did well with that at the time, though there were no long term lasting benefits.
I easily take up to 20 grams orally over 24 hours and I think it's helped me avoid the need for antibiotics a couple of times in recent years.


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this subject is in my field... I studied Nutrition for a couple of years as a subject when doing a Government accediated course... It isnt a case of just take large doses of vitamin C and you'll be fine mate! there are issues it can cause which ive listed below

Firstly i'd like to say that Vitamin C does help one of my CFS symptoms when i get it... it helps when i go all allergy and start waking up all sniffly with a blocked nose every single morning. I was like that for at least a couple of years... and vitamin C in my case got rid of that. I may of felt slightly more energy but I wasnt sure.. so possibly placebo affect there. "Salt and C" or "Salt/C" used to be an experiemental CFS therapy years back which quite a few where doing and did help some, (I dont recommend that therapy thou due to the high amounts of salt and some were harmed due to that).

I also find Vitamin C useful to stop viruses eg colds in their tracks if taken in a high dose as soon as I start getting symptoms.

Vitamin C is fairly safe to take in large doses, its water soluble and dont stay in the body for long.. hence if you are taking it for a therapy, you need to be taking it at least twice a day to keep it in the body, some recommend dosing hrly doses. The bigger the dose you take.. the less of a percentage of it you absorb.

One can usually take it up to the point where ones bowel or stomache isnt tolleranting it very well eg diarrhea, gas, nausea then from there cut back to dosage slightly. I get that effect kick in once I start taking 4 grams of C per day, hence when im taking it I usually take it in 3 lots of 1 gram eg 3 grams in total per day.

* You can prepare your gut first by taking yogurt or apple cider vinegar before taking vitamin C

Taking vitamin C in HIGH doses LONG TERM, can cause kidney stones.
Thirdly taking high doses for a while and then suddenly stopping it, can cause rebound scurvey, as ones own body has adjusted to having the high amounts hence if been taking this for while like this, tamper back the Vitamin C slowly.
Lastly Vitamin C due to its acidity can rot teeth hence wash mouth out after supplementation

The C supplement is very important too... Ive found the ones one buys in the supermarket are all crap. Vitamin C should be taken with bioflavinoids for absorption so the C you buy, check that it has these added eg rutin, quercetin, hesperidin (not sure if my spelling is correct), (a very good C supplement will have 3 bioflavinoids added). (natural high sources of vitamin C have bioflavinoids naturally in the foods). Vitamin C in powdered form is better absorbed then in tablet form.

Those who are smokers, asprin users, those on oral contraceptives, antibiotics, cortisone treatment or sulphur drugs.... all these things deplete vitamin C or reduce absortion ability and increase amount of vitamin C needed.

* If anyone is on anticlotting medication, they shouldnt take massive doses of vitamin C as it can interfere with their drug. Vitamin C may also mess with diabetes urine tests causing false results


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has anyone heard of Vit C enemas? i heard to do them with Ascorbic Sodium type of Vit C.

i have never tried. but it is an alternate way of absorbing the vit c, instead of orally.

when i first got sick 20 yrs ago, i took high doses of powdered ascorbic acid and think i staved off my illness sort of for a few wks or months. but not for long!

i have never tried such high doses since then. now when i take more than 4-6 grams a day, i get loose bowels


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I have discussed this on another thread before , but I have found quite a lot of success with High dose of Vitamin C orally. I bought a capping machine from a health website and a 1kg bag of Vitamin C, I make up around 50 x (800mg) capsules a day and try to consume all of them. The key thing is avoiding unwanted bowel movement, so I taper the dose, taking 4 capsules every 30 mins so that they can be absorbed. There seem to be no ill effects except for Diarhoea if tapering is done incorrectly (rarely). It makes my skin feel and look great, I have more initial energy before activity, then after activity, my PEM (which usually includes feeling shaky, chest pain, malaise) is either non existent or greatly reduced. Best of all, i sleep better too! I'd just like to find out whether this is actually safe and sustainable..........//