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Tolerating Dapsone anemia?


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Question for those of you who have taken Dapsone: have you had an issues tolerating the folic acid-induced anemia that comes with it?

After a few weeks of Dapsone, my hemoglobin had dropped by 3 grams / dL (which Horowitz says is normal), but I started to get a whole host of anemia-like symptoms: my heart rate would spike easily, I would have shortness of breath, headaches, and I would get severe leg cramps.

I was on all of the supportive supplements and medications that Horowitz recommends.

I stopped the Dapsone and haven't restarted yet. (It's been a month or so.)

I was previously very optimistic about Dapsone, but dealing with the severity of these symptoms while I take it would be pretty rough. Kinda wondering... is it just me?

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