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To the cdc and its public relations and cdc/cfs staff


Senior Member
Are you reading all of thise comments? Are you aware we are not going to back down now? - never!

Keep reading. We are after you all and cfids will come to an end, one way or another. We don't need nih/cdc for real research - you didn't do it for 30 years and you won't do it in the years to come. But we do have many other labs interesed in us and we do have the internet so we know, in seconds, what is going on. And we are fighting each war on all fronts.

We don't need or want the nih/cdc involved in cfids. You have damaged us, demeand us, and you won't get the chance to do it to the next generations.

If congress won't "get you" other wise people will find out what you have been up to and show how criminal you have been.there are more hillary johnson's out there now and they too are mad and brilliant. The world will know. And then no more cdc as it is today.

Think i'm a nut? Good.