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To Help Treat And Prevent Obesity, Your Body's Immune System May Be Key


Senior Member
"The mice also showed signs of altered T cells living in their fat tissue, and while T cells normally help fight pathogens, they sometimes cause an autoimmune response. It was only when these T cells were depleted in the mice without the perforin-emitting dendritic cells that their weight gain, and subsequent development of metabolic abnormalities, stopped. "Notably, mice lacking these regulatory dendritic cells were also found to be more prone to develop another form of autoimmunity with symptoms similar to those found in multiple sclerosis," Reisner said in a press release.

Taken together, the observations suggested to Reisner that one of the functions of the perforin-emitting dendritic cells was to remove potentially autoimmune T cells, which would decrease inflammation. According to Reisner, this is the first time researchers have been able to show a connection between fat cells and inflammation in animals that are on a regular diet"