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Tired Brain & Auto-immunity: Talk Available 24 hrs


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Northcoast NSW, Australia
I'm only listening to a few of the Hashimoto's Institute talks. This one has shocked me. Dr. Datis Kharazzian's info has been very useful to me in the past. Here he talks about how gluten sensitivity is more a brain issue than a gut issue: one paper showed 2/3 people have the effects in brain, w/o gut issues. And the tired brain, due to autoimmunity. I followed his instructions, discovered I have ataxia, damage to the cerebellum. :bang-head: Lot's of inf re brain, myelin, other neurological autoimmunity issues, blood brain barrier, how to rehab brain. My brain's too tired to say more than this.

As far as I can gather this talk is available free for another 24hrs. This link will take you to some page of this group of presentations, where you can register and find his presentation.

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Revolting Peasant
Thanks for the link. Just listened. No indication that I have Hashimotos but the neurological symptoms he describes resonate greatly.

I've just purchased his books on kindle. I'm looking forward to finding out what he recommends to improve brain function.