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TIME magazine article (Oct. 16) re ME/CFS & COVID - (featuring JaimeS (!))


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The article is very discouraging for those who are ill; the journalist writes that treatments are years away. Is this what the journalist was told? No one was quoted on this. If anyone has more info, please share. Thank you.
"Research moves slowly, especially when there’s minimal money attached. Even with new studies underway, treatments may be years off in a best-case scenario." Please note: years off in a best case scenario!

It is not clear to me if the journalist inferred this, or if a source told this journalist this information.

Perhaps I am living in fantasy land too much, but I was under the impression that OMF is working on treatments, and so is Dr Prusty.
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I don't find it discouraging at all! I find the attention brought to our illness encouraging. The fact that Time Magazine states it's an actual disease, will shut up all the naysayers and people claiming it's all in our heads. Hopefully now that it is linked to Covid 19, many of the investigative organizations like OMG and Dr. Prusty will finally get the funding they need to hire more help and speed things up. I believe that Prusty is getting closer everyday with a treatment, money and help can only get him there faster.


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@perrier I don't mean to burst your bubble but even if Stanford and Prusty have significant breakthroughs, there will still be much work to do. For example, we have therapies for many conditions, but the research needs to continue.