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TIA or resembling TIA


Senior Member
Does anyone know if mini stroke type symptoms can be part of this i llness and what would cause them in CFS if that is the case?
Every morning I usually wake up with numbness in my hands. Because it always disappears on awakening I put it down to Carpal Tunnel. Have had two emergencies to hospital since Friday ....dizzyness over two days and loss of balance then Saturday morning after only being asleep for 3 hours I woke up with the numbness but it began to spread all up and down my left side very strong in my head then I did my usual strenght testing thing because I do get a lot of numbness and I couldn't raise my left arm properly so I dialled ambulance. Apart from my symptoms my observations at hosp ecg were all fine so they left me as querying TIA and let me go after drinking soluble aspirin with a follow up to TIA clinic, and told to take aspirin each day till my appointment. I know because of CFS that my blood circ is poor and I am confused as to what has happend here and if it is a CFS occurence that any one knows of? On coming home I had burning in my head and then ache and still the dizziness and feel that I should have been kept in hospital but Doctor said I was low risk and she wasn't 100% sure if it had been a TIA or not.
Anyone got any tips on how to improve blood circulation when you are immobile?:confused:
Thanks all .... Sleepy


This happens to my mother quite a lot. She often wakes up and find her whle body paralysed, then gradually gets movement in one part.
I have had numbness too but it has never been a one-side thing like a stroke. it usually on one arm, or both legs.
If you can sleep flat on your back, that seems to make it happen less. Youcould also try getting one of those orthopedic pillows (like a rectangular doughnut with a dip in the centre) which hold your neck straight even when you are on your side - this helps my circulation along my arms.

So, I would say, this could all be part for CFS but obviously I would get it checked very thoroughly before concluding it is not a mini stroke.


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Sth Australia
Hi.. best always to play safe but it is probably the CFS. It isnt uncommon to get one sided symptoms with it. i remember a few years ago, we were discussing one sided symptoms in another CFS forum.. interestingly, most had the one sided symptoms all on the same side. I think it was on the left. When i get my leg drag too, its on my left side. (i have no idea if all this side stuff is coincidental or not.. but just an interesting observation i got in the past with discussions on this).

My father once got worried that i may of had a small stroke.. he noticed my body sides being different.. one of my hands kept like curling up (my left hand), i wasnt even aware that my body on that side wasnt looking normal till he pointed it out to me.