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Hope this is the right place for the following -

Thanks, now I understand. I have a friend in the UK who has CFS and so does her husband. They both have MCS as well and do not take drugs. Their doctors are not pushing them on them at all, but neither of them has Hashimotos. They spend their savings to go to alternative practitioners. The amount of benefit they get is far less than mine, even though mine is much less than what most Americans get, but their energy bills, etc. are much, much, much less than over here, so they fare much better than I do.

I hope it can all work out for you somehow. I understand the moving part too. If I could afford it, and was not too sick to travel, and if I could get my husand to move, I would move to Costa Rica. If you have a certain amount of income, and it is pretty small, which I do from disability, you qualify for free health insurance there, and unlike the USA, that country is still a democracy.

We'd better drop this topic for now, since this thread is about books! I eould bet there is a thryoid thread somewhere on this board, since so many of us have this problem. I will have to look and see....let me know if you find one.

So, I will end by recommending Mary Shoman's books on thyroid disease. She really knows her stuff. She has an excellent web site as well, and so does Dr. Rind at www.drrind.com. He has a metabolic scorecard test on his site where you can see if your problem is thyroid, adrenals or both. Since most of us have adrenal problems too, I would like to recommend Dr. Wilson's book on adrenal fatigue as well.



Their doctors are not pushing them on them at all,

They did not push them on me either but the problem was/is when there is an emergency. In the UK if you have MCS and no family to advocate for you, then they can enforce treatments. This is what I was worried about.

I would move to Costa Rica.

Aha! another idea! The problem is mosquitoes if I go anywhere hot - they love Lymies!

Thanks for the book and site recommendations. I am familiar with them but think they do not go far enough with the virus connection in Hashis.



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Thanks for the Dr. Rind connection, klutzo, that really added to my knowledge of adrenal/thyroid symptoms.