Thyme -quite powerful for GI issues!


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I was very interested to read this. The common herb, Thyme, most often used in cooking, is a powerful anti -inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti microbial, with marked benefit for gut problems, helicobacter pylori, Candida, etc when taken at medicinal doses (the usual dose is 1 teaspoonful to 1 cup of boiling water, steep 10-15 mins. 3 x a day.)


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Actually thyme essential oil was one of the things that works against the type of UTIs (Klebsela Oxytoca) my mom used to get but the oils were too strong so we switched to thyme tea that I would make in a crockpot.

It did seem to help with the bladder infections too. Instead of getting positive tests all the time, some would come back negative. Not sure if it would work with the E coli ones but that bacteria stopped showing up as least they never told us it was still present.

When I tried it too, I found it gave me a little tiny boost (rare happening) so started to use it as well.

I use 1 Tablespoon per quart and a half (like liter and a half) of water and let it cook 4 hours til even overnight and then strain through a coffee filter. I pour small amount in a glass and then fill the glass with water and drink.

Ken Lassesen talks about it in several posts on his website, like this one:

This was a mother of a patient who wrote to him about her daughter's improvement on thyme:


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is a wonderful improvement! Wow.

If you look at this table from the link @Judee posted, that Ken Lassesen made. It shows that Thyme is the most effective herb on there, at killing pathogenic bacteria.

The higher the number on the far right, the better the herb is at killing the pathogenic bacteria he has listed. Thyme is the only herb with a 1. Most are -1 to -5.

He's done countless thousands of hours of researching to find all the info he has on the gut microbiome and has posted it on his website.