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Third Annual Community Symposium on the Molecular Basis of ME/CFS Sponsored by Open Medicine Foundation, sign up here! Sept 7th 2019


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I really enjoyed Maureen Hanson's talk, it seemed to make a lot of sense to me especially as I first got sick the end of 1979 so I am pretty sure I would come into the group who got sick with whatever virus can go on to cause the ME/CFS outbreaks in the 80s.

Will also enjoy looking further into her talk when the links are posted.

Thanks so much to all OMF for their great work.


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Hi everyone! We are so happy to be here at the Stanford Cimmunity Symposium. I'm enjoying meeting and hugging all these patients, caregivers and friends. I made a poster of Whitney's message he sent to patients in Severe ME Awareness Day. I want it to be available to anyone who wants one. We will send high res coot for you to get printed. Let me know if you want it. That's his fist through the keyhole of his door. Fighting for himself and everyone. image.png


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Here is a thread with some points Maureen Hanson's talk from my twitter is anyone is interested (it's bloody hard to keep up!):

Interesting, as Paul Fisher found the opposite, i.e., increased mitochondrial membrane potential, in immortalized lymphocytes (lymphoblasts). But perhaps the seeming discrepancy is due to Fisher's additional finding that:

As we showed here, unactivated ex vivo lymphocytes are quiescent and dying, so that a difference between patient and control groups in the depth of this quiescence and/or the rate of cell death can explain the previously reported reduction in mitochondrial activities in ME/CFS lymphocytes. We found that ME/CFS lymphocytes die at a dramatically faster rate in culture medium than control lymphocytes. It is likely that in previous studies, the ME/CFS lymphocytes assayed for mitochondrial activity included a higher proportion of dead cells than did the controls.
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See Fisher's study in this thread:
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