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Things to be grateful for...

Misfit Toy

Senior Member
Kati had recommended a good idea. To write down things everyday to be grateful for. Even as ill as we are, there has to something to be grateful for.

I thought I would start today. I am quite unwell, exhausted and such, but I want to acknowledge things that are positive.

Please feel free to chime in on what you are grateful for. I think we could all learn a lot from others on what it is to be grateful for. Small, large, whatever.

1) I am grateful for having slept well last night.
2) I am grateful for not feeling as negative as yesterday.
3) I am grateful that it was a sunny day and I love the sun.
4) I am grateful that I talked on the phone with a new friend and expressed that I need a friend and she and I will get together next week even for just an hour.
5) I am grateful that I watched Oprah and could concentrate.
6) I took a bath and got dressed.
7) I am grateful for Phoenix Rising!;)
9) I am grateful for a roof over my head.
10) I am grateful for my lovely colored walls in my apartment.


What are you grateful for?


Patient in training
Yay Spitfire!!!! That's wonderful!!! Well done


Patient in training
I am grateful for being able to drive myself to appointments and grocery stores.
I am grateful for the company of my parrots-
I am grateful for the work of a few scientists who take ME/CFS very seriously, and Annette and Harvey Whittemore who extend their help to all PWME through WPI.
I am grateful to be able to laugh almost every day and that makes me feel better
I am grateful for this laptop for this is a contact with the world.


Senior Member
...my totally splendid, absolutely marvelous, completely wonderful


wee dog

Misfit Toy

Senior Member
AWWW...I love that dog! And yes Kati, thanks to you, I am grateful! I am grateful for my laptop too!


Patient in training
I am grateful for art, for it allows me to express myself in a very special way.

P.S. Being grateful is thought to be infectious... go on and spread the gratefulness...


Apple, anyone?
Northeastern US
Thanks for starting this thread, Spitfire/Kati! You probably know there's published research, like this study, documenting the benefits of gratitude.

With that in mind, I'm grateful for
- my chemical-free mattress
- my wonderful parents
- salmon sunset outside my window

(not necessarily in that order)


All shall be well . . .
Santa Rosa, CA
It's raining outside (I'm not grateful for that as I always feel so much worse), but the rain is making everything sparkle, and the green of the trees is so beautiful in the filtered light.

I am grateful for my windows through which I can see my trees.
I am grateful for my trees by which I can see the energy of life.
I am grateful that I can see my trees.
I am grateful for my life.



Senior Member
New Zealand
I'm grateful for hope. I didn't have much before WPI and its a whole lot easier to get by in a bad space with some hope to metaphorically warm myself by.

I'm grateful that Cort provides us with these forums. They aren't perfect but they do great good for so many.

I'm grateful for Pitango gluten free, dairy free, free range Thai Chicken curry (no preservatives, GE free and mainly organic ingredients). Very very good taste, no effort- just heat it, no payback. A real treat food for me.

I'm grateful for the cat I used to have, Gingerboy. Most mellow cat I've ever known, always keen to see me, no temper, sometimes very funny.


Misfit Toy

Senior Member
Nice. It's the simple pleasures sometimes. I loved hearing the birds outside of my window and the breeze and the sound of the trees. THIS IS ALL GOOD!


Senior Member
Melbourne, Australia
Gee wizz, everyone, I'm grateful for so many things that I don't know where to begin.

So, in no particular order......

I'm grateful for the gorgeous sunny day today
I'm grateful for the opportunity to take care of myself
I'm grateful to be close to all the things I need right now...
I'm grateful for having a flat with a garden
I'm grateful for some wonderful, kind & thoughtful internet friends
I'm grateful for the sound of birds chattering away as I wake each morning.
I'm grateful for having the creative talents & gifts that give me pleasure
I'm grateful that I get plenty of restful sleep now (well 97% of the time)
I'm grateful for my (old) computer that makes communication so easy
I'm grateful to be able to afford the occasional treat
I'm grateful to have my disability support pension (first payment was in my bank account this morning).
I'm grateful to be a good cook & also the taste buds to enjoy the sublime taste of beautiful, healthy, organic food.
I'm grateful that I can still afford organic food (albeit a much reduced variety)
I'm grateful to have wonderful neighbours (including a delightful young couple who moved in across the hall this week).
I'm grateful to have a wonderful bed
I'm grateful to be warm & cosy on cold nights
I'm grateful for the opportunity to give to others (when I can)
I'm grateful to have beautiful surroundings (with the Botanic Gardens only 5 minutes walk away)
I'm grateful to have the most inspiring, uplifting collection of books & films (which transport me to countries I will never be able to visit now)
I'm grateful to see the drops of dew sparkling on the leaves next to my window.
I'm grateful that I can grow the herbs that Mr PP grazes on each night (& grateful that he's not starving)
I'm grateful to have paid all my debts off when I retired & am finally debt free :victory:
I'm grateful that the rent on this flat is still affordable

And I'm especially grateful for the gift of words that fill my day & put a smile of my face
I'm especially grateful to have a reason, & the ability to smile these days

And I'm enormously grateful for my wonderful, kind, supportive Dr who listens with genuine compassion & understanding, who respects me as a patient who needs his help, who respects my opinion, who listens to every trivial worry I have in my life, & gives me extra time in my appointments.

I am thankful for every day without a job (that was making my life so miserable & full of despair).

I am thankful to be me (& no longer my illness).

Gosh, I could go on all day & night, but the sun is shining & it's midday & I still haven't got dressed. I must go to the library & then if my feet will carry me (without pain), on to the Botanic Gardens with my new camera to go photo snapping while the sun's out...........so, that's all Folks (from me for today).


Senior Member
i really have too many to list, but we'll start with the basics... my husband, he's my everything. my pets, all the ones i've had have now or will have - i have loved them all. my family & friends, who aren't perfect but at least i have them & they love me.
all the abilities i still posess, as i said too many to mention. we think all the time about the things we can't do but every now & then i marvel at how many things i really can still do.
someone already mentioned & i'll second, not having to work! oh it was such torture to have to, & i am so lucky not to have to put myself thru that anymore!~


Senior Member
This thread really puts things in perspective...

I know I need to be more grateful for my many blessings including:

  • a job that keeps a roof over my head and gives me healthcare benefits
  • a warm, comfy bed
  • my wonderful furry companion, Chauncey!
  • wonderful parents that care about me, even if they don't understand CFS/FM (and they are elderly)
  • a wonderful brother, sister-in-law, and three nephews
  • great friends that I don't get to see very often but they still check in on me
  • a car that runs
  • the fact that I can still drive
  • the fact that I can still work despite significant difficulty
  • being able to help people everyday I work
  • being able to help others understand their medical conditions and treatment options
  • that God gave His only Son for us
  • The Phoenix Rising Forum ( Thanks Cort!)
  • Everyone on the PR Forum
  • PatientsLikeMe
  • Hope for a treatment a possibly a cure
  • Great minds on PR
  • Fingers to type
  • A laptop that works!
  • The internet
  • Judy Mikovits, Anne Whittemore, Lenny Jason, Nancy Klimas, Daniel Peterson, others TBD
  • Researchers

More than I can type at this moment!

Misfit Toy

Senior Member
I need to write 5 things I am grateful for today. I am in so much pain, and I need to send out positive vibes. So, a new day with different gratitude.

1) I am thankful for another CFS friend that I talk to almost everyday...we check on eachother.
2) I am thankful for the sun that is beautiful outside today.
3) I am thankful for the artistic gift that God has given me that has touched many lives.
4) I am happy for OPRAH...ha ha!
5) I am happy for American Idol because I love singing.
6) I am grateful for my lovely new sundress.

Thank you.


Senior Member
I'm grateful that I'm still alive. In 1986, after 4 years of ME, I was told I would never recover and never work again. But I did, and had 12 years working full-time with only a few mild relapses.

I've got much worse recently, but I was thinking the other day about how the friends I had when I was first ill had fared in life. Of those I kept in touch with, more than a quarter of them have died in their 40s, 50s and early 60s, mostly from cancer (none had ME). I've had many more happy and healthy years than they have had.



Senior Member
Southeast US
ooh a new sundress is a good one :)

I'm grateful for serenity because she cracks me up! And I'm grateful to so many of you because you lift me up. And your lists of grateful things read like poetry which soothes the soul. You all are what I'm grateful for.


Patient in training
I am grateful for the rain today as I was able to do my errands without getting photosensitivity symptoms that leave me crushed by a headache and other stuff.
I am grateful it's cherry time!!!! (Keeps me regular!!! :D)
I am grateful for blueberries !
I am grateful for Invest in ME.
I am grateful for the afternoon nap even if it happened as I was watching a webinar...


Kati, I'm surprised by the number of us west coasters who are actually enjoying the rain! Yes, I'm thankful I was able to leave the house today without larding on sunscreen and hiding my face 100% under a hat. It was great seeing all the wonderful green plants and colourful flowers being fed by the rain.