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The Wall Street Journal - June 23rd


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And very simplistic, obvious quackery at that.

I just stumbled upon this thread of random people, most of whom are deeply uninterested in the XMRV news: http://www.digitalspy.com/forums/showthread.php?p=41259221

Maybe a useful insight into the general mentality of people towards this sort of news.
An amusing thread cited. kind of interesting to see what random chat board people said about it- basically wikipedia said it's nothing, it's a mouse virus, not proven connected to cf or cancer, it's just another fake health scare like swine flu and bird flu.

This will be big news though- we have a lot in our favor for this inciting a media storm, so I wouldn't worry. Do keep alerting the media with good info, but unlike some here, I feel strongly we should never underplay (or overplay of course) the facts or import, but state exactly the truth and exactly how important this is given current info. If we underplay we are just doing what we are so mad CDC, NIH the media etc already do. Just tell it straight. That's all we want anyway- is an appropriate reaction to our situation- not an underreaction or overreaction.