The thank you thread


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Hey All

Probably there are tons of people writing to the WPI but i'm still starting this thread. I feel a bit sober now, probably because of the little sleep, but i want to say

Thank you Judy Mikovits, Vincent Lombardi, Francis Ruscetti, Jaydip Das Gupta, Max A. Pfost, Kathryn Hagen, Daniel Peterson, Sandra Ruscetti, Rachel Bagni, Cari Petrow-Sadowski, Bert Gold, Michael Dean, Robert H. Silverman and everybody at the WPI.

Thank you Andrea, Annette and Harvey Whittemore.

Thank you Harvey Alter, Shyh-Ching Lo, Natalia Pripuzova, Bingjie Li, Anthony Komaroff, Guo-Chiuan Hung and Richard Wang.


And thank you also to the many others all around the world who work and have worked hard in other hypothesis, therapies, research, support, awareness. All of those who work and worked much and won't get money, fame, recognition or success but do and did their best to help us.

Specially to those, thank you very much. Please don't give up, we still need you.


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Formula for a great American success story

(one highly influential and wealthy husband + a bright, personable and tenacious wife + a lovely, softspoken daughter sick from childhood with a mysterious malady) = XMRV discovery.

Congratulations to the Whittemores, Harvey and Annette! Send your tax deductible donation today.


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I'd like to extend the thanks to all the members of this forum...

People on this forum contribute so much to our community... each person in their own way, and in many different ways, both on the forum and outside the forum...

This is an extremely supportive forum, with top-quality people on it...
Often we disagree with each other, and sometimes some of us even get into heated exchanges...
But overall, the forum is a very positive and powerful community experience.

Considering everything that we each have to go through everyday, and the individual battles that we have to fight with our illness,
I think we are a very strong team and, together, with all the individual contributions that we make to our community, wherever we are, we all make a big big difference.

So I just thought it might be a good time to say thanks... to everyone.

Bob :Retro smile:

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Right now I am feeling thankful toward Dr. Harvey Alter of NIH. I feel like he really stood up for CFS in recent weeks. Also he was very explicit in saying their study was highly confirmatory of the WPI's Science paper. Good man.