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"The Scientifically Challenged UK Media Strikes Back"


ᴀɴɴɪᴇ ɢꜱᴀᴍᴩᴇʟ

When I first heard The Telegraph had featured an article concerning a follow-up study of the notorious PACE trial I was inclined to ignore it1. I’ve long become used to the appalling coverage of ME by the British media2 and felt I didn’t need to read any more disinformation disseminated via the Science Media Centre. However, I cracked and had the misfortune to read an article written by Sarah Knapton that is the worst I have seen in the thirty years I have been ill with this disease, which considering the competition is an impressive achievement1.

The article clearly implies ME is a non-illness, the suggestion in the headline that a bit of positivity and exercise could cure sufferers merits no other interpretation. One wonders what spin was put on the latest study by the SMC, as the results of this research bear no similarity to its reporting in the press. Indeed, flawed as the PACE trial is, at no point do the researchers suggest GET or CBT cure ME, as claimed by Ms Knapton in her inaccurate and mendacious article..

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South East England, UK
It's disgusting to real this drivel and it almost makes me feel that it would be great if ME/CFS was personally visited upon anybody who writes such garbage. However the better part of my nature is trying to restrain these feelings but I am finding it extremely difficult not to give into my initial, nastier thoughts.



The wise nematode hibernates
Knapton’s article provides a list of ME symptoms, which exclude post-exertional malaise (PEM) arguably the defining symptom of the illness. It also includes a link to a video featuring Martine McCutcheon talking about the lightning process, telling you all you need to know about the malicious intent behind this article.
This could actually start to get quite funny. If Knapton is a Lightning Process fan then she's clearly an unpleasant combination of batty/evil/stupid, and a fan of the BPS model. Could it be that in trying to help the BPS brigade by puffing up their claims in her article, she has inadvertently completely undermined them by adding so much bullshit onto a pile of what she may not have realised was already a steaming manure heap, that the combined stench makes the article impossible to defend and easy to take apart. In the days to come she may well be found stumbling around with a confused look on her face muttering "but I was only trying to help!"

We can but hope.