The return of the "clone wars"



I was looking into retrovirus gene inserions last night(I know i,m a saddo) when I came across the following

In about 1981 an America virologist isolated a new retrovirus which was similar to but not quite as same as the aids virus.his name was Gallo.
About two years later a French virologist called Montagier isolated the aids virus for the first time.this was initially called montagiers virus.

Gallo then claimed about a couple of months later that his lab had infact identified the same virus "independently" of Montagier .He in a rush to claim the virus' discovery as his own called it HTLV!!!.

It later transpired that Gallo had "accessed" Montagiers cultures via somewhat nefarious means.
The condition resulting as a result of infection by this retrovirus came to be known as SIDA in France and AIDS in America.

When the name of AIDS was adopted by the international community a furious diplomatic row broke out between America and France.This was actually called the AIDS COLD WAR.

This break in diplomatic relations was only ended by a top level summitt between Regan and the then president of France Jaques Chirak mediated bySalk.the two countries formally agreed to share the spoils.

It was described at the time as the final marriage of Science and politics and Science would never be independent again.Science has yet to recover from this "shotgun"wedding.

heck our debate is civilised in comparison to that but we are still wedded to the same partner!


Montagier is the head of the European ME/CFS organisation and is working for us now :Retro smile:

That is wonderful would he be an advocate re contact with british microbiologists re diagnostic issues?