the psych lobby strikes again: DSM-5 v. WHO's ICD in the US

Thank you, we need the help....please everyone if you can, sign and share this petition
it is not just happening in the Netherlands just look at hashtag MUS2016 on twitter yesterday. Same story....stepped care (meaning first screening, that if you have "MUS" (they consider CFS to be MUS, referred to mental health care for CBT) is crazy to me that psychologists can just claim an illness like that, call it MUS or MUPS and claim an evidence base for CBT which is not there.
The dutch health council report, there are 4! MUPS members on it!, is an advisory report to Dutch parliament, it will have huge influence on care and research for next decade. If you can help, please help this petition, cannot emphasize enough how important this is. There involvement with White, Creed, and Fink!! is ... .welll...... Sign people Sign!!! and share on social media ...