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"The misrepresentation of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis in nursing" By Greg Crowhurst


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sarah darwins

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Cornwall, UK
Oh my, this is one great read. It's written by a nurse who's caring for his severely affected wife. In addition to criticizing the original nursing practice article, he attacks FINE and PACE. Wow wow wow.

Yes it's terrific. Couple of things you could take issue with but that would be nitpicking. The nursing practice article is almost indescribably ignorant and dangerous. The author of that one seems to feel that even severe ME patients can think themselves well with a bit of attitude adjustment. The stuff about "motivational interviewing" by nurses is staggeringly stupid.

There's a great summary and response (by WorldBackwards) to that original article in the thread Dolphin linked, specifically here: #14

Keith Geraghty

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I wrote a letter of complaint to the Editor a couple of days ago and had a response today:

Dear Dr Keith Geraghty,
Thank you for your email and feedback on the article.
We are currently going through all of your points and will be immediately discussing this with the peer reviewer and author of the article.
During this time the article has been removed from our website.
We will be back in touch as soon as possible.
Kindest Regards,
-------------------eatures Editor
Nursing in Practice