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The Mind-Body Wellness Program by Dr. DePace


Senior Member
I don't know anything about this program, @Castorp, but at one time I was looking into seeing him as a dysautonomia specialist, and inquired here as to members' experience with him. I heard from someone who discouraged me in no uncertain terms (and with terrifying specifics) from seeing him at all.

Obviously, this is second hand and a single person's experience--therefore, just that--- but the details were vivid enough that I chose not to pursue an appointment with him.

I guess what I am saying is that I encourage you to approach him and his program with a pinch or more of skepticism. If it holds up, then .....good. But look deeply into claims before believing them. Not that you wouldn't do that anyway, not that it isn't just good practice before diving into a (what I am guessing is not cheap) treatment protocol, but it becomes even more critical when we know that at least one of our PR members 'in good standing' had a disastrous experience with him.