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Can anyone quickly guide me to the different stages of the Jadin Protocol that CFSremission and others have used for ME/CFS. He keeps posting and posting about the protocol but I have actually never found the whole list in one of his blog posts.

Stage1 should be doxycycline for 2 weeks in "low dosage" followed by 4 weeks combination of doxycycline and Azithromycin "low dose" if I am not mistaken.
Stage 3 ??

However what is determined a low dose? And what is the Stage 3 phase?
Usually it should be a cycle of three synergetic antibiotics.


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Don't ask me where on his site I found these because I get lost there. Many times I read a page and even though I may bookmark it, have difficulty finding it again.

Hope this helps.


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I did the Jadin protocol for Endemic Typhus (pretty much the same as Lyme disease) in 2011. I regret it a lot. I think it harmed my microbiome. I think the protocol may be different but I took a lot of antibiotics over a 8 month period. My body in the end protested in a very major way which resulted in a trip to the ER.
I saw Dr.Meirlier in Belgium and told him I did Jadin and he said it simply does not work.

Your body is different to mine, you might have a different experience who knows; just saying that I really regret my experience. The protocol now may be different, but her idea at the time was that one antibiotic strips away the bacterial outer protection, the other antibiotic kills it. And you repeat the antibiotic regime every 4 weeks to catch the bacteria at different levels of evolution.
I don't know what her approach is now.
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