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THE HEALTHSCOPE FRAUD Investigation of Functional Pathology Tests

Hello members,

I have investigated the functional pathology tests offered by Healthscope Functional Pathology of Melbourne Australia.

My investigations have shown that functional pathology reports from Healthscope Functional Pathology have no scientific integrity and are not worth the paper they are printed on.

I have discovered that Healthscope Functional Pathology and Healthscope Ltd have been systematically defrauding patients by:

Making false claims that their functional pathology tests have scientific integrity
Making false claims that their functional pathology tests are performed in their laboratory
Making false claims that their functional pathology tests are performed in a NATA accredited laboratory
Making false claims that their functional pathology tests are performed under supervision of a member of RCPA
Using plagiarism to falsely imply scientific integrity
Making false claims about sample handling
Showing reckless indifference to sample handling
Showing reckless indifference to quality control
Engaging in a scheme to make excess unearned profit by cheating on sample transport costs

Further details of my claims, and documentary evidence, may be found on my web site, at the following link:


Thank you, and have a good day.



Senior Member
Victoria, Australia
I guess I don't quite know what to make of this!

I've never had experience with Healthscope Pathology prior to last week when I had some tests done which were ordered by my M.E./CFS doctor. At the time I had a few little niggling suspicions that went through my mind regarding competency. I had 1). the worst bruising I've ever had in all my blood-letting life! 2). the most painful blood letting experience! 3). I even questioned the venepuncturist about the order in which she took the blood ie. giving me the GTT solution before taking some of the tests which I thought should have been done at baseline.

As to whether there is something sinister behind the operation of this Path I am not in a position to know and I don't really have the energy to investigate.
Hello Francelle,

Your problem with the pain and bruising, during your pathology test, is not uncommon. Even an experienced collector can have a bad day, and sometimes patients can be difficult to collect from if unwell or dehydrated. I am often difficult to collect from, so I go to where they are very experienced in taking from me.

I have found some information about the GTT (Glucose tolerance Test), from the Healthscope Pathology Collection Guide, and can send it to you as a PDF file. Please send me an Email from the Contact page of my web site, if you are interested. The short answer is that you are right to be suspicious; the fasting test must be done before you are given the glucose to drink.

You will find that others here are able to help more regarding the GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test), as I have never done this test. If you start a thread on that subject, I am sure that you will receive replies from members who have had the test. I would prefer to keep this thread on the original subject: the fraudulent conduct of Healthscope Functional Pathology.

Have a good day.