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The Fermenting Gut


Senior Member
South East England, UK
I have a definite problem with lack of stomach acid. I am 67 years old and know this is a common problem in the over 50s. My rumbling and rolling gut gets a lot worse after a course of antibiotics despite taking probiotics.

This has happened recently after having a course of Co Amoxiclav for an infected cut on my arm. Around this time I watched Dr Myhill's presentation at a recent conference where she talked a lot about the fermenting gut and she recommended very high dose vitamin c taken before bedtime to get the gut good and acid to kill off bad bugs.

I thought a bit about this and thought instead of taking it last thing at night I would take 1000 mg vitamin c with each snack and also with each meal so it has amounted to around 5000 mg daily. This is in addition to the 600 mg betaine hcl with pepsin I take with meals.

Previously I have taken lots of different natural anti-microbials but none of them made any difference to my symptoms.

It's about 3 weeks now since I have been doing this and I have noticed my gut has calmed down a lot, with far less rumbling and rolling and I haven't found it necessary to take vitamin c with every small snack (usually this is just some peanuts or a teaspoon of natural peanut butter with no sugar).

Also I started on Jarrow L Plantarum about 10 days ago because there were some studies showing it was beneficial in IBS. I should say I only have been suffering mildly with IBS but I do experience periods of persistent constipation and then at other times I find I need to go to the toilet very frequently. So far these symptoms are also improved. The L Plantarum is pretty inexpensive compared with many probiotics.

Finally I should mention that I have been taking betaine hcl for over 15 years but it wasn't sufficient to stop the bad bugs which showed up on the last Comprehensive Stool Analysis I had a couple of years ago. There was quite a lot showing up including Citrobacter.

I did hope that getting my gut more settled might help the tendency to morning headaches/migraines but so far these haven't been helped but I am grateful to Dr Myhill for her persistence regarding the fermenting gut and the reasons for it.