The Electrical Apocalypse: Can we avoid it?


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I have spend some time with this issue, trying to find practical solutions as the all electro pollution is effecting my health to some degree.

For emergency solution anyone needing litle home safe house is to buy 2 things, 1 canopy bed ( larger is better ) 2 . very efficient shielding fabric like Aaronia X-Dream

  • Shielding: RF & LF electric fields
  • Frequency range: 1MHz to 30GHz
  • Damping (dB): 100dB

Then would have to use the fabric to cover all corners,bottom and top , some air in and out might have to be figured also . With that kind of emf safe house anyone could at least be able to have EMF-free time with nighttime.Might be good to ground also all that depending is there safe place to ground.

There is on sale those emf canopy bed`s also , but might not use good enough shielding fabrics, and yet they are very expensive to me.

I have not yet buyed stuff to build that, but i will .