The distant corona connection.


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My thoughts on the coronavirus pandemic.

"We are in a crisis! A pandemic! The coronavirus is spreading. The uncertainty of the unknown is probably the most unsettling of the whole situation. Especially for someone with an underlying health condition." "How do you go about being stuck at home? Not being able to see your friends and family? The isolation? The struggle to adjust are real!"



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There is not much change to my life. I live an isolated rural life anyway, and can still go out for walks in surrounding countryside if I am able. The only change is that it appears online grocery orders have now halted, which will force me to go into a physical store at some time, probably late April or early May.
Though I have seen more quite a distance, than usual. They all seem pretty cheerful.

But I know underneath it, we are all concerned.

I don't think we should let fear rule us, but should think carefully about moves we make and be very sensible.

It must be very hard for those who are isolated in one room, family cannot visit them. It must also be upsetting for split households (divorces etc) when children are involved, who can no longer share visits with both parents. Or with elderly parents...or family members in hospitals or care homes.

We are lucky to have the internet/skype/ facetime/email/ and phones, an there are other things to do when alone.

Personally I don 't mind, but am keeping an eye on an elderly aunt whose spirits have gone down a lot since her forced separation from all her friends, church group etc. And my "little brother" who is living in the middle of a city, trying to work from home, but who has to go to the grocery stores.


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Another poster recently said that this disease, " good practice for social distancing."

Many of us gave up developing relationships a long time ago because unfortunately, relationships take too much energy.