The Best, Most Readable, Most Infinitely Charming Book on the Gut, EVER. Honest.

Second star to the right ...
I'm guessing that most of us are hardly newcomers to this subject, but for those who are, or those who'd just like a witty, charming, immensely informative, easy read on this subject, I don't think you can beat Giulia Enders 'Gut'

I first read this only because my DB (Dearly Beloved, nickname for my hub, long story, will spare you) brought it home for me at a particularly difficult time.

I thought I knew everything I needed to know about the microbiome and its powerful effect on everything from what we eat to how adventurous or timid we are, but I started browsing it, with no real intention of actually reading it (brain was in retreat, deeply fatigued, didn't really want to do anything), and by the second page, I was hooked.

Fascinating, funny, incredibly informative, beautifully written by a woman who not only knows her stuff, but deeply loves it and, after years of research, is still endlessly beguiled and fascinated by it.

I don't think you'll regret this one. But then, that's coming from the person who really didn't think there was anything more to be learned on a subject as deep as thermo-dynamics and as complex as quantum mechanics, so go know.

Here's a link to it, on Amazon (also available in paperback, etc):