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The Atlantic:Even Health-Care Workers With Long COVID Are Being Dismissed


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Here is an excellent article in the Atlantic on the experiences of medics who have Long Covid.

Just as they dismissed ME patients, they now, in turn, are being dismissed by their colleagues.


Even Health-Care Workers With Long COVID Are Being Dismissed

Medical professionals are used to being believed, but as patients, they found that their expertise didn’t matter.

By Ed Yong
Before she caught COVID-19 at a wedding in March 2020, the physician associate spent her days diagnosing and treating people; after she was infected, she turned to her own colleagues for that same care. “At first,” she told me, “I felt a kinship with them.” But when her tests started coming back negative, her doctors began telling her that her symptoms—daily migraines, unrelenting vertigo, tinnitus, severe crashes after mild activity—were just in her head. (I agreed not to name her so that she could speak openly about people she still works with.)

When she went to the emergency room because half her body had gone numb, the ER doctor offered to book her an appointment with a counselor. Another doctor told her to try removing her IUD, because, she remembers him saying, “hormones do funny things to women.” When she asked her neurologist for more tests, he said that her medical background had already earned her “more testing than I was entitled to,” she told me. Being part of the medical community made her no different from any other patient with long COVID, her eventual diagnosis. Despite being a physician, she couldn’t convince her own physicians—people who knew her and worked with her—that something was seriously wrong.

I’ve interviewed more than a dozen similar people—health professionals from the United States and the United Kingdom who have long COVID. Most told me that they were shocked at how quickly they had been dismissed by their peers. When Karen Scott, a Black ob-gyn of 19 years, went to the emergency room with chest pain and a heart rate of 140, her physicians checked whether she was pregnant and tested her for drugs; one asked her if her symptoms were in her head while drawing circles at his temple with an index finger. “When I said I was a physician, they said, ‘Where?’” Scott said. “Their response was She must be lying.” Even if she had been believed, it might not have mattered. “The moment I became sick, I was just a patient in a bed, no longer credible in the eyes of most physicians,” Alexis Misko, an occupational therapist, told me. She and others hadn’t expected special treatment, but “health-care professionals are so used to being believed,” Daria Oller, a physiotherapist, told me, that they also hadn’t expected their sickness to so completely shroud their expertise


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I can't say much to the rest of the world but the NHS having 28k long haulers registered and the office for national statistics estimating the number is well over 2 million says it all about how the NHS is behaving towards LC sufferers, the same way it behaves towards ME/CFS sufferers. The solution is not coming from the NHS most of the clinics wont even follow the new guidelines.

My partner is dealing with a bunch of Long haulers at work, the companies are just firing them because doctors wont say there is anything but mental health issues and they don't respond to treatment for that at all. Millions of lives ruined to "get back to normal" and not a thing is being done to change these peoples plight at all in the UK.