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Tests needed for SSDI--done by Rheumatologist

What are the tests that are needed to be done to support qualifying for SSDI with CFIDS that can be ordered by a Rheumatologist?

I have Kaiser coverage so they will not order or cover any tests that are considered experimental or outside of traditional medicine. My appt with the Rheumy is on May 13 (unless there is a cancellation & I can get in sooner).



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The two best tests are Functional Capacity Evaluation done by a physical therapist or physiatrist; and a Neuropysch Exam done by a psychiatrist.

The FCE shows how pain and fatigue affect your ability to work, and the Neuropsych Exam shows brain fog and concentration problems.

If you are having sleeping problems then a sleep study would be another good one.

If you have any high Epstein Barr titers, thyroid problems that show up on labs, etc. submit those.

Here is a link to what tests SS finds acceptable:

Remember you're trying to prove that you can't work consistently 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, not that you have CFS. Because some people with CFS can continue to work, so why can't you? That's what they're looking for.

Another good thing to have is a record of continuing disability, which is accomplished by going to your doctor every 3 months and reporting that you are still unable to work. My judge liked this information the best. By the time I got to the judge, I had two years of these reports, and it was obvious I wasn't going to be working any time soon.


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In addition to the great advice provided by caledonia make sure the doctor documents any swollen lymph nodes and any pain. It would be useful to have him to a tender point exam and document that.