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Terrible time during summer


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Hi all. I am having terrible time during summer, i think that is because i can not keep my electrolyte levels balanced. What do you do about that. I drink salt water but still can not manage the problem. Thanks.


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Hi @Cindi! Lots of PWME's bodies have trouble adjusting to heat. The best way to tackle it, like @Sushi says, is to stay as cool as possible. The easiest way is to stay inside (if possible), either in AC, or in the coolest room in the house. Heat is a stressor that is not 100% avoidable, so it helps to accept that fact and on those days take all the rest you need in order to avoid crashing.
As others stated above, try to keep cool, stay indoors, eat cooling foods. I live in the hottest region in the Southwest...let me tell you how I absolutely dread the heat. This time of the year I even hate opening the door to let the dogs in and out. I'm hoping to get to a cooler climate for a few weeks later this summer.


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Salty snacks. Salt on the food. Lots of rest. Keep cool. I'd say AC is an essential service. You may need to pace more, or do less in times of extreme heat.


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Do you mean going outside is what is tough to manage? I can't deal with heat either.

I do get some relief by taking Mg 1 cap morning and night 1 potassium in the morning and I put Vitamin C crystals in a glass of watered down Orange Juice and sip through the day. I use sea salt quite liberally on almost everything I eat.

It's not a cure but without it I am worse off. The bungalow we live in has a bedroom added to the back and it has a skylight. It gets baking hot in there as the room is not connected to the aircon. I can't sleep in there some days in the summer and have to use the couch. Humidity is actually worse somehow. I don't understand why.

But even with this fix I still need to be careful.

I also use ice packs against my skin to keep me cool.
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Hi to make an electrolyte drink you need about 1tsp salt with 4 or 5 tsp sugar and the juice of 1 lemon or lime (plus water).

I believe the salt needs glucose or something to be taken up, otherwise the excess just gets filtered straight out by the kidneys soon after entering the blood? (anyone feel free to correct me on the biology here).


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I used to be worse in summer but now in winter because of gas furnace. I have MCS very bad.

In summer I used to take a block of ice and sit it on my lap. I would over heat. I post that fasting really helps my chemcials do something. I don't know what butit often help to go long stretches without food.


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Some of us live like moles in the summer, staying in air-conditioned homes during the day and creeping out after dark.
Hi all

Thanks so much for your answers and great tips. You were very helpful. I will make use of them.

snowdrop.. no .i can not go outside. i have trouble inside.

Last year i used sea salt liberally but could not manage the problem. can not use a/c much either as i can not tolerate small temperature differences at different rooms of the flat. air movement also bothers me somehow.

today i tried some licorice and i felt better. This might be low aldosterone issue.

thanks so much for your help.
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