Tenofovir and lactic acidosis

From some of the warnings I have read about Tenofovir, they indicate that Tenofovir can put one at risk for lactic acidosis. There are some warnings about taking the drug if one has already been diagnosed with lactic acidosis.

From what I have read in this forum in the threads about the use of d-lactate free probiotics, many people with cfs seem to have lactic acidosis. This may be due to hydrogen sulfide toxicity from pathogenic bacteria in the gut. For more info about hydrogen sulfide and why is can cause mitochondrial dysfunction and inhibit oxygen transport, here is a link:Hydrogen Sulfide Toxicity

Lactic acidosis is caused by the overuse of lactic acid fermentation within cells in the body. Cells use lactic acid fermentation to produce energy out of sugar molecules. It is inefficient, but it can be done without oxygen. Lactic acid fermentation is used as an alternative to a more efficient process called cellular respiration. Cellular respiration uses oxygen and sugars to produce energy and it takes place primarily in the mitochondria inside cells. However, mitochondrial dysfunction or oxygen deficiency can cause the body to use lactic acid fermentation more than it is supposed to. This leads to the build up if lactate within cells in the body.

When lactate builds up in cells the cells must release the lactic acid out into the blood to maintain a balance of lactate concentration on both sides of the cell membrane. To move the lactate across the cell membrane and out into the blood stream cells use a membrane protein that also transfers a hydrogen proton along with the lactate. This increases the acidity of the blood. In people with lactic acidosis, the increase in acidity on their blood can be very serious and can cause many health issues and can be very dangerous.

For People taking or thinking of taking Tenofovir, make sure your doctor is checking for lactic acidosis. It is a simple blood test. Also, it may be very important to address intestinal bacteria that produce hydrogen sulfide when taking Tenofovir. Reducing or eliminating these bacteria will allow more oxygen to reach your cells and prevent damage to cellular mitochondria. This allows the cells to rely less on lactic acid fermentation. Also, since most people's HAART therapies have included Tenofovir, I am wondering if the mixed results that some are having is due in part to lactic acidosis.

Here is a link with some treatment options for lactic acidosis:
Lactic Acidosis treatment

I think the surest way to help, I think, would be to do something to focus on eliminating hydrogen sulfide producing bacteria in the gut before ARV therapy. This gut dysbiosis treatment might be helpful: Dr. Usman Biofilm Protocol You have to be careful and do this treatment slow though. Killing off these bacteria releases a lot of hydrogen sulfide into you gut and can make things much worse. Saccharomyces boulardii helps

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