Technique that clears up my blocked nose rapidly


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I use a technique I discovered in the book "Energy Medicine" by Donna Eden to clear my sinuses. I don't believe however, that the technique was meant for that particular purpose. She called this technique the "SPINAL FLUSH". You can have another person do it on you, but I do it on myself every day.

Essentially, I lay on one side, and as best I can, use my free arm to massage up and down my spine with my fingers. I do that for a couple minutes or so, and then switch over to the other side. For some reason, this technique is more effective when I lay on my right side. -- I once asked my ND why I get such consistent sinus clearing results from this technique. He said it was likely because there are major lymphatic drainage areas located along the spine.

Massaging underneath my rib cage also tends to clear my sinuses, but not as much as using the spinal flush.​
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I too use this technique it is a form of buteyko breathing It really helps!

I also tape my mouth with micropore tape at night to stop mouth breathing. it have stopped me from waking up hypervigilant state because of unconscious over breathing and hyperventilation

I think it's to do with the nitrogen oxide concentration in blood being too low.