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I've seen three top mediums this last year (from Arthur Findlay College in UK). All of them said I would be relatively well by February/March next year.
One said it would be due to a clinical trial in Cambridge.
I am holding onto this but I have been ill for 18 years so it really would be a miracle.


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@digital dog If it doesn't happen in the next 6 months do not give up hope! Time is the hardest thing to "see". Keep your ear to the train track and sign up for that trial. (just don't get hit by the oncoming train in the mean time) ;)
I read tarot pretty frequently, though almost never for myself.

I also have family that was into it. My grandmother had an experience where she said she woke up one night and had this intensely menacing black figure standing over her bed. She ditched the cards and ouiji board the next day.

There's a book called "The Beautiful Side of Evil" that is about this exact thing, and religious or no it's a fascinating read.

Despite these influences and a strongly religious background I still dabble with tarot and mysticism in general. If demons exist I haven't met one yet. That said, it is never wise to try to gain power over anything except the self.

Searching for health, learning for the sake of learning, and surrendering (not to something or someone else- that's submission. Surrender is to let go of the need to control the details of life, and to learn to grok.) followed truly will create spiritual experiences and kinds of healing in others entirely as a side effect.

So like someone said earlier, the true danger appears to be the ego. However, to entirely discount the experiences related by others simply because they aren't ours is foolish. So it may very well be that there is more to this than meets our experience.

I for one am too stupid curious to not genuinely try to find out.
Thanks Mir for your concern. I too come from a family with a strong pscyhic tradition. I also agree with Madie and Dreambirdie and believe strongly that if you come from a sense of self rather than from ego you will gain a lot from the psychic realm. It is only when you allow ego to take over that halm can come from it. I also believe this to be true of any religion or spirituality field.
Hi allyann,
I've just come across this old post and I find it very interesting. I have just got back into using the Tarot for my self-development. I have found it really helpful in getting to know myself better. I do not believe that the cards are harmful and I do not use them for telling the future.

I believe a lot of the fear around the Occult goes back to how the Christian church demonised the pagan religions and anything that challenged their control. I believe that as long as a tool such as the Tarot is used with good intention then it is not harmful at all.

I have studied many religions including the Abrahamic ones and Wicca. I now would call myself a Humanist/Buddhist/Agnostic. I am very open minded and am happy to say that I don't have the answers, am trying my best to find them but am also content with not knowing. Please continue to post your Tarot for the day.