swollen throat, bad sleep, CFS wrse aftr rtxn


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swollen throat

Not Sore. swollen. Maybe swollen bfore rtxn but much worse after. , it's been 8 months on rtxn and over two months since last infusion.

Causing (worse) apnea. Had a home sleep study and apnea is significant.

Anyone else? Any ideas?

gargle with salt water helps the swollen throat a bit.

This seems to help as well:


Will try this next:


"Red root is a lymphatic stimulant useful in tonsilitis, sore throats, swollen lymph nodes and fluid-filled cysts. "

Any problems with these? If echinacea stimulates immune sys, bad idea aftr rtxn?

bad sleep

Pre-rituxan I used to usually sleep through the night, at least the majority of the time, even if not the same quality of sleep as I got pre-CFS. I haven't slept through the night once in the 5.5 months since RituxanIt's getting to be a pretty bad situation. I wake up a lot, and often can't get back to sleep after only 4 hours. I'm really sleepy during the day. When I don't actually wake up, I almost always toss and turn and sort of "half wake up" all the time.

D Ribose didn't used to affect my sleep, but since Rituxan, if I take it during the day (last dose way before bed time) or even in AM only, I lay in bed in a kind of half sleep state where I can't get all the way to sleep.

I had mild sleep apnea before Rituxan, and tha'ts gotten worse. But I think there is something more going on here as well given the "half sleep" (worsened by sugar).

There was a change immediately after Rituxan.

(update- been 8 mnths and slp a bit better BC of no sugar/carbs for 6hrs bfr bed). But still nt good. Apnea worse.

Curious if anyone else has noticed this?

CFS also wrse

I can't talk. Can't type/text enough to communicate. Haven't had a conversation with someone in 8 months...