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swollen/sore lymph nodes



Robin, I have suboccipital lymph node pain too. I also get tons of swelling there when my symptoms are at their worst and bad occipital headaches. Gentle massage/lymph drainage and Advil help a little.

That's interesting that you get the swelling, I just get the pain. Advil and heat take the edge off. I'm glad you can do massage for some benefit. For me it would be like massaging a bruise or welt.

rajulko said:
I have tender lymph nodes as well-exactly in the areas you have described it. I have some additional in my groin. Did you have you EBV, CMV titres checked?

Hi rajulko! I haven't been checked recently. I've never had EBV but have been exposed to CMV and HHV-6. Unfortunately, my Dr. won't treat me with anti-virals and I don't live near anyone who would (and am too sick to travel) so I haven't asked to be checked again.

Here is something similar to what I use to apply heat. It's palliative. Unfortunately I don't know of anything (besides what Kim mentioned) to treat the pain.


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first symptom

This was one of my first symptoms. The lymph nodes in my neck have been swollen almost all the time for many years. They get worse when I am in a flare and cause a terrible charlie horse where I am unable to swallow or speak. I have worried for years that this could cause a cancer. It can't be a good thing for the lymph nodes to be inflammed all the time....Also, it has gotten worse over the years and now, not only do my lymph nodes in the neck swell but also my gums. Anyway....we might not hear as much about it because we can still function with swollen lymph nodes. It's the other symptoms that take over our lives.

Wanted to add that I do have chronic EBV and beleive this is a factor in the lymph swelling but do not know if it is the cause.


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Thank you Sarahg for merging threads: I've noticed these duplicates also (I'm an indexer, or was, so big on proper groupings by subject) but haven't the brainpower for it. I appreciate it, it makes info more accessible.

I also have the occipital and often armpit lymph node soreness. Someone showed me that a FIR heat lamp, shone at a distance of about a foot and a half for 15-20 minutes, helps alleviate this pain. It seems to break it up in some way. Also I use myoflex (basically topical aspirin) and Boiron arnica gel topically. Also I do a bit of acupressure massage and energy healing, and use magnetic stuff. Just depends on my mood and energy level at the time, and it also seems that at different times one remedy might work better than another. Don't know why, but I'm starting to get used to that with this disease.


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Fevers and Swollen Glands

I don't think I could be any sicker tonight than if someone paid me to be sick. Got a fever, and the swollen glands in my neck hurt. Still getting the sinus or mucus problems. Plus massive pain all over.

The fevers always drive me crazy because I feel like I have a hundred and ten, but usually, if you take the actual temp, it's low grade.

The doctor does nothing for the swollen glands. None of them ever have an answer. Well, other than a stupid one. "Your glands are swollen." Yeah, did I need to drive across town and pay the copay to hear something I already knew. "Go home and rest." Ha, that's a good one.

I have things I should be doing here and I'm just too sick. The exterminator is coming tomorrow, it's a quarterly thing in the building. And I want to clean up. I'll have to sleep awhile and then see what I get done. The bad thing is, I get so much worse after they have treated the building with the poisons. And of course, I seem to be the only tenant affected by it. I'm the only one who gets sick from mold in here, too. No one else, out of like 97 families, just me. :(