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Swallowing difficulty / throat issues / possible Craniocervical instability?


Senior Member
Sorry, another thread from me. I'm in that determined to find answers/solutions mode. I did have a look in and post in the long craniocervical instability thread but couldn't find an answer to my question.

So, I developed a swallowing issue in regards to clicking of the cartilages in the throat and also an inability for the throat structures to move freely upward as would happen normally when initiating a swallow. I've seen multiple ENT consultants had all the scans and they recognise there is an issue there but aren't sure what's really going on and state my swallow is 'safe' so don't offer me any solution.

Along with this throat issue, my neck has general felt odd/out of alignment and as though is causes me dizzyness, cognitive issue and generally contributes to me feeling unwell. After reading many people with M.E. have craniocervical instability and have found relief through treating this, it's occurred to me it may also be a cause of my symptoms. Especially seeing as the throat issue developed first and then the M.E. type symptoms shortly after.

I suppose my question is, does this sound like it could be something worth exploring and can anyone recommend a UK based specialist who I might be able to contact? From looking online it seems there's limited information or consultants who deal with this condition.

Rufous McKinney

Senior Member
After reading many people with M.E. have craniocervical instability and have found relief through treating this,

the sense I've gotten recently is folks who got Mechanical Fixes may not have improved that much. At least thats was what I was told recently.

Personally, I'm convinced I have some probably mild form of CCI.

I notice alot of odd issues with the throat and swallowing...some of them for me are because I have poor neck alignment, the older person problems tagged onto the lifetime of ME. I try to work on neck alignment alot. The switching doesn't work well, like you swallow a bit of spit and instead breathe it in. Choke.

There are some interesting videos discussing lot of aspects of neck alignment issues, from this Florida doctor who does Prolotherapy....(injects which can strengthen some of the weakness) (tempting to try)

Dr. Hauser........maybe he has some info that might help you figure out whats going on in your case...