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Support #MEAction Fundraisers


#MEAction have two fundraisers running right now that need our support to get them fully funded. The organization is at a pivotal moment where it needs funds to grow. They have achieved a number of great things recently: spearheading the MillionsMissing protests globally, creating a very moving video and massive petition book for Francis Collins, and leading the charge for a Congressional resolution and also a House Action. They organize numerous patient support groups including special interest groups for lgbtq, caregivers, men, and seniors.

The US fundraiser will fund the platform and staff costs that support campaigns globally, so deserve support from a global audience:

This fundraiser specifically is to hire a UK organizer that would help set up in the UK. There are already a bunch of activists doing great work under the #MEActionUK umbrella.

These fundraisers have not taken off as much as some others the community has funded like David Tuller’s.. lets all promote these fundraisers and work to help get them fully funded!


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SF Bay Area
You can contribute to MEAction (and other ME/CFS non-profits) even if you don't have money to spare or in addition to what you have already given by using the Benefit Shopping App where every purchase supports your non-profit with a 2-20% rebate. (That's up to 40 times the rate Amazon Smile gives.) Earn at over 100 merchants - Amazon, Starbucks, Whole Foods, Home Depot, Target, Walmart and more!


(U.S. only)

Personally, I find this app exciting and empowering to use to see that when I buy everyday household items, money gets donated to ME/CFS non-profits and in amounts that are more than the average person can probably donate directly.

Please try it out and let us know how it goes.