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supplements that improve me or do nothing


Senior Member
Hello, I wanted to tell you about the supplements I'm taking, some for years when I'm sick, with some noticeable improvement but with others I have not noticed anything.

Here I put those who have helped me:


coincidentally and so that I still do not understand these 3 products is the one with the most energy and noticed

I'm trying to take the compounds separately not noticing anything remarkable with vitamin c, vitamida d, b12, b6 ...


this supplement has also made a good change for my energy and muscle aches


These have helped me a lot in the digestion and appetite of all psyllium and betaine. Although I wonder if these are not accelerating my metabolism and consequently I can not increase my weight


these have been excellent for anxiety, sleep, depression always before getting sick I had nightmares and symptoms of depression, was to introduce one of these and feel much better although today I have nightmares about my digestive symptoms of abdominal swelling


for anxiety and depression this is fabulous

well here a summary of a couple of those that I have tried, I can not put them all or I would need a long time to put them. I clarify that I do not usually take them all together and I usually alternate between days taking one or the other to know the reaction

I am thinking of increasing doses by doubling, tripling or even tripling but I do not know if it is advisable for example in those that I notice that give me more energy


Senior Member
Hello Eric,

it is so nice that you got some improvement with some of the supplements you experimented,
thank you for sharing your successes!


Senior Member
Pacific Northwest
@eric_gladiator Glad you have found supplements that work for you. Unfortunately, more is not better, and in some situations, can be dangerous.

Too much of minerals, vitamin A, and certain other nutrients can lead to toxicity. Other nutrients, like amino acids, are not so problematic if you increase the dose.

Also, it is always best if you do some trsting to determine what your needs are. The metabolomics studies have shown ME/CFS patients lacking in B12, B2, amino acids, etc. with a great deal of individual variation the other nutrients. You will optimize your ability to function with a customized appriach, not by taking a canned multivitamin formulated for healthy people.