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Supplements for word finding and speaking?


Senior Member
That's (one of) my curse, starting conversations perfectly fluent until 5 minutes in my mind exits the vehicle and I crash spectacularly.

I got bit by diet changes and too little choline, too few/infrequent carbs, too little/poor protein, and cutting MCT/coconut oil, all crept up. There's even something to purine intake (inosine, uric acid, etc.) but I can't get a handle on it.

Choline bitartrate is alright but it might be safer in the L- isomer form than the DL-. Alpha GPC is likely the best but whether it's worth the price difference is another story. CDP-choline is more uridine than choline (uridine is hit or miss as a nootropic, I believe it can help this problem through PC synthesis but more over time).

ALCAR is the go-to entry-level safe nootropic that works for everybody (except me), so looks like you were in good hands.

(This post was written by Tianeptine - which helps this problem somewhat but I couldn't recommend for it)