Supplements for sale - KPAX, probiotics, and more

I took a variety of supplements prescribed by my doctor for my CFS symptoms. I’m no longer taking the supplements and have many left that I’d like to offer for sale, discount price. I can ship them within the US. I hope it’s ok to post them here. All are sealed bottles.

K-PAX Energy: 1 bottle of 120 tablets, expires 7/22, $45

K-PAX Immune: approximately 70 packets (4 tablets per packet, 280 tablets total), expires 8/22, $85

Microbiome Labs MEGA Sporebiotic: 5 bottles of 60 capsules each, 300 total, sealed bottles, expires 12/25, $35 each

Malic Acid with Magnesium: 1500mg, 3 bottles of 120 tablets each, 360 total, expires 06/24, $7 per bottle

Nutricost 5-HTP: 100mg, 1 bottle of 240 capsules, sealed; $10