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Supplements and Herbs


Senior Member
United Kingdom
I've had ME for 18 months now with some recovery to about 50% of my normal energy levels but I am still fighting very bad fatigue like symptoms after even small amounts of exercise. The typical flu like symptoms really, when it gets bad I feel like I have a mild stomach bug (but I haven't experienced this now for about 6 to 8 months). I've found the following supplements have made a huge difference and wanted to share.

I took these slowly over time so I could see how they interacted and which one was better for me so I do think they work. These are all my daily doses:

1. A good multi vitamin mainly for extra magnesium as the folic acid and vitamin B certainly doesn't seem to do anything for me.
2. 300mg Q10 per day in liquid form. This makes a huge difference.
3. Bottled water high in magnesium and sodium bicarbonate (around 80mg magnesium per litre I find the best) I drink a litre a day and this makes a massive difference, without it my day to day feels like wading through treacle.
4. Siberian ginseng 1 tablet a day - boosts my immune system, cancels out brain fog and keeps me awake and able to work, even though I still feel tired I can function and colds don't last very long when I take this. Also works as an anti depressant but not an anti anxiety. I only take it in 5 week cycles as any more than that changes my personality way too much!
5. omega 3 3000mg a day. Makes a huge difference to my mood.
6. Vitamin D 3000IU (I'm in the north of England so you know...)

I don't take anything extra but these have made a huge difference.

I've also tried the following - not sure if anyone has tried these?

Andrographis is an anti inflammatory with mild effects but is supposed to work very well with siberian ginseng for immunostrength.

Magnolia Bark is a very powerful muscle relaxant and anti inflammatory (apparently just as good as ibruprofen I believe) especially when combined with ground or fresh ginger (2000mg). Magnolia Bark interacts strangely so I can't take it often, but it is fantastic to help you get to sleep if you struggle with that.

I'd be interested to know what other people have tried. Changing my water and putting a blue light filter on my phone definitely made a huge difference to my life!
I live in the North East of England also,
In the summer I spend lots of my days sitting , standing breathing ,meditating,exercising , stretching, and absorbing, so I just just becoming one with the chee.
Congratulation on your improvements,well done ! You became the seeker and you found.
The other 50% improvement is not out of your reach , it's probably just around the corner.