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Supplements advice for very severe relapse


Senior Member

Just joined. Been ill 14 years but relapsed bad 3 months ago, can't walk can't feed myself.

Any supplement advice?

On 15g of d ribose. Think useful.

Tried acetyl l carnitine last week. 15mg, next day 30mg. More strength and mental better but felt burnt up and been losing some minor improvements since. That usual? What happening biological?

Tried methyl b12 when better last year m, crashed bad. About 250.

B12 low folate high end of normal.

Scared to play around but so want to improve.

Advice really appreciated. Thanks.


Senior Member
coq10, quercetin, and magnesium..this 3 have improve most of my symtoms ..they are also safe without many contraindications :)..coq10 is a must for CFS in my opinion