Superoxide Dismutase from LIVER EXTRACT; could help us all?

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I have the same thoughts about SOD. I wonder if taking the SOD/gliadin and/or Glisodin would be beneficial. This is a broader question that I was hoping someone could answer for me. My experience with chronic fatigue started with me getting mono when I was 30. After struggling for 3 years and losing my health insurance along the way I am going ot start a methylation protocol and really hoping that it will help. My main question is about using the SOD to treat against oxidative stress due "in theory" to the no-onoo cycle that Dr. Pall and Dr. Cheney have researched. Wouldn't Superoxide Dimutase with Gliadin (barring any gluten intolerance) be the best thing to reduce the amount of free radicals. Once the glutathione has been used up to treat excessive free radicals then the mitochondrias will eventually be damaged to some degree without protection? I can't remember where methylation comes into this except that it effects the way our body can remove toxins and activate genes. There is alot about this stuff that I don't know. But, I guess getting back to my question. Do you think SOD/gliadin would be appropriate to reduce the amount of free radicals (namely peroxynitrite) that would help prevent the damage the oxidative stress causes? Espcially with virally compromised people who have no choice but to push themselves to try to survive the day?? I have been searching around on the internet to try and find a reason why it shouldnt' be used but havent' really come across anything. I think it may increase the toxin load of the first pathway of the liver from hydrogen peroxide. I don't have a bioligical background and man I wish I did. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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SOD really helped me to overcome my PEM to some extent.
KAL S.O.D. 3, which is enteric coated SOD, was what I use, pre-exertion.