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Super awesome resource!!!


Senior Member
Utah, USA
Not sure if this resource is already on here or not (I did not see it when I searched) but it is awesome :)

https://www.ncil.org/ if u scroll down the page about halfway on the right, u can look up the independent living center in your state, then county.

There r multiple centers in every state and they serve even rural areas (the name is confusing, but people don't live there)This is only for the US. They serve people of all all ages and all disabilities. Before I was unable to work, I worked at one in my state part time for 3 years.

I can only speak to my center, but I have met lots of people from other centers across the country and they r pretty similar in most regards (some of the independent living centers staff go to Washington DC every year to the capitol and speak w senators etc. to make sure people w disabilities do not fall thru the cracks..also do a yearly "march on Washington" during the same time!)

Why these centers r cool: Most services r either free or super low cost. They r non-profit. Most of the staff have disabilities. They offer many services.

At my center, I was an "Independent living specialist" and I assisted my clients w things like applying for SSI/SSDI, Medicare/Medicaid, low income housing, food stamps etc.

A recreation program which includes adaptive sports for example skiing...if someone is not able to ski on their own such as paralysis, vision loss or fatigue, there's special sleds that they sit in w someone standing behind them guiding them down the slope, similar w special 2 person bikes, river rafting etc...they have holiday parties, camping, cooking classes, bingo, ceramics...pretty much a little bit of everything..at my center they provided transportation to and from some of the activities, if needed, for free

Loan bank: people in the community donate used and new items that the clients can borrow for free as long as they need. They have walkers. wheelchairs, shower chairs, sleep apnea machines, canes, compression socks etc...just whatever gets donated...I have a super amazing portable power chair I got there that I use for activities that require a lot of walking

Assistive technology program: free or low cost depending on income, they can assist w things insurance does not cover such as hearing aids, talking i-pads, diabetic shoes, bathroom remodels or wheelchair ramps for home just as examples

New Choice waiver: getting people out of nursing homes back into living in the community

And lots more! I would suggest to go the the centers website, then google the center on facebook as a lot of them have more current info on there :)