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Sunflower Oil and Sunflower Seeds Intolerance


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dannybex, you know, good question, I would not be surprised if he is intolerant to borage oil, but maybe he gets more benefits than negatives with it, and also, I give him only one capsule every third day, it is a small amount in comparison with the amount of oils typically used for cooking. I also have evening primrose oil, but the content in GLA is much smaller than borage oil. Would that be better than borage oil though for some reason? Thanks.

Well, there are a few researchers that say that even though borage has a higher amount of GLA per pill, that evening primrose oil is preferred, because there are other factors in borage oil that may cause problems for different patient populations -- something to do with 'very long chain fatty acids' -- I think. Let me see if I can find the thread or threads....

Here's one from almost a year ago, where we talked about it:


Patricia Kane is one of the leading researchers in this area...you will see from my second or third post that some of her work kind of ties in with Rich Van K's methylation protocol.

Also...here's a page (with extreeeeemely tiny print!) that talks about how borage oil may lead to seizures in some patients. ???


hope that helps?



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Something really got me this time. It's either that or when the pharmacy changed manufacturers on my thyroid med. I can't have the fillers. I'm going to ask my doc to switch me to the gelcaps when I see her in a few weeks.

Hi Carrigon,

It could be your thyroid meds making you worse. A few years back the main thyroid medication in New Zealand was changed, and lots of people got very sick. Here's a link about it.



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p.s. Carrigon: Re eating out: Have you looked into gluten intolerance? Wheat is in almost EVERYTHING...even salad dressings.

Yes, I'm starting to think I have that, too. I also can't have anything that now says "whole grain" with pasta. It's like massive stomach cramps if I do that. I can't have wheat bread, too.