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Western Washington
Hello Everyone. :)

Well I did it. Didn't want to, but also had a need to. Not sure exactly what I think of it so far, but seeming like it might be really nice.

What did I do?

I did like so many of us here have done. I started my own blog. lol :D

I'll see if I can figure out how to repost the entries over here on the forums so it is easier for some of our members to read. :)

Wasn't going to bring it up yet, still not much up over there - but someone... *briefly glances at Jody and quickly away* Someone who won't be named said that she would tell everyone about it if I didn't soon. Something about passing along the favor... :rolleyes: I guess as long as there are no smear burgers involved it can't be all that bad. :D

So enjoy and have a beautiful day.

Lisa :)

**Cort, thank you for offering up smear burgers to a mostly isolated community. I will have hours and hours of fun with them. :D


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Tasmania, Australia
Hi Lisa, Really enjoyed reading your blog, thanks for sharing with us. I am thrilled you have found a new promising friendship and new hope.