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Summary of Research on Stealth Adapted Viruses

Dear Members

I am pleased to update individuals within the CFS communities on continuing efforts to investigate their illness. I refer to a recent publication available at http://www.juniperpublishers.com/jvcr/pdf/JVCR.MS.ID.555551.pdf

Hopefully, reading the article will provide a sense of optimism that CFS is readily explainable as a stealth adapted virus brain infection. I cannot predict when senior Public Health authorities will stop sidestepping the issue of stealth adapted viruses. Please excuse my not-answering any general questions, although I am interested in knowing if the information in the paper is well understood. Kind regards, John.


Senior Member
Well I will have to read when I have more energy. Mine was sudden onset after a DTAP vaccine. I wish there were easy steps to reverse that.
This is only for informational purposes.

I'll let others come to their own conclusions.

There's probably some valid data in there. But parts of it seem a bit heavy on the spin. Like the brave woman who single-handedly took him down!!!1!!!!ONE!!!11!! Who wants to bet that that plucky investigator is closely involved with the organization, the website, and/or the article? :rolleyes:

And isn't that the site that was demanding the resignation of Dr de Meirleir for supposedly not sharing information which they were assuming existed and felt entitled to have? Ah yup, it is. So they're looking like a very untrustworthy source with a long history of attacking different elements of ME advocacy, research, and treatment. Though maybe some of the data in the Martin article can lead to better sources.


Senior Member
Thank you Dr Martin for posting here. I've been following your work since the early stealth virus work. Printed off your paper to read.


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Good work we need more researchers in the field which can be hard work with many trying to take u down especially those with a conflicting theory .