Sugar and diet...


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Have had CFS since 1985, and have tried many things over the years, as have most people reading this board.

Four years ago, I changed my diet dramatically. It has always been 'clean' with no junk food, packaged items, etc.

The change I made was to cut out all sugar. All of it. With the exception of a small amount of fresh fruit...I haven't had sugar in four years. (Or sugar substitutes)

I can say it's improved my overall function considerably. It did not happen right away...Took quite a while, but it's been worth it.

By omission, cutting out sugar also cuts out a lot of fat. My weight was low before, but I had to watch it. Now it stays the same without having to work at it.

People say, 'how can you not eat chocolate, or whatever' and I think 'if you had CFS, you'd do anything'....

This has been the most helpful thing I've done since Dr. Cheney prescribed Klonopin in 1986.

Good thoughts...


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I am pretty good with sugar, but not that good, ha. I HAVE to have Coke if I am nauseated. Or a good Gingerale drink. I don't eat a lot of candy and junk though. If we do not exersize which most of us can't with CFS, it is not good to have much sugar.

I have stopped Gluten and I hope that helps my POTS. That is much worse to deal with than my CFS, but both are improving thankfully with supplements.

I think it is good that you are not eating sugar. I do eat a lot of fruit for sure though. Fruits, veggies and good things full of vitamins, just not empty cals.