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Study: Probiotic breaks down gliadin...


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Tried to post this a minute ago...not sure what happened.

2006: De Angelis Maria; Rizzello Carlo G; Fasano Alessio; Clemente Maria G; De Simone Claudio; Silano Marco; De Vincenzi Massimo; Losito Ilario; Gobbetti Marco

VSL#3 probiotic preparation has the capacity to hydrolyze gliadin polypeptides responsible for Celiac Sprue.
Biochimica et biophysica acta 2006;1762(1):80-93.

The native structure and distribution of gliadin epitopes responsible for Celiac Sprue (CS) may be influenced by cereal food processing. This work was aimed at showing the capacity of probiotic VSL#3 to decrease the toxicity of wheat flour during long-time fermentation. VSL#3 (10(9) cfu/ml) hydrolyzed completely the alpha2-gliadin-derived epitopes 62-75 and 33-mer (750 ppm).

Two-dimensional electrophoresis, immunological (R5 antibody) and mass spectrometry analyses showed an almost complete degradation of gliadins during long-time fermentation of wheat flour by VSL#3. Gliadins non-hydrolyzed during fermentation by VSL#3 were subjected to peptic-tryptic (PT) digestion and analyzed by CapLC-ESI-Q-ToF-MS (Capillary Liquid Chromatography-Electrospray Ionization-Quadrupole-Time of Flight-Mass Spectrometry). Search for several epitopes showed the only presence of alpha2-gliadin-fragment 62-75 at a very low concentration (sub-ppm range).

Compared to IEC-6 cells exposed to intact gliadins extracted from the chemically acidified dough (control), VSL#3 pre-digested gliadins caused a less pronounced reorganization of the intracellular F-actin which was mirrored by an attenuated effect on intestinal mucosa permeability. The release of zonulin from intestinal epithelial cells treated with gliadins was considerably lower when digested with VSL#3. Agglutination test on K 562 (S) cells showed that the PT-digest of wheat flour treated with VSL#3 increased the Minimal Agglutinating Activity of ca. 100 times.

Wheat proteins were extracted from doughs and subjected to PT digestion. Compared to PT-digest from chemically acidified dough, celiac jejunal biopsies exposed to the PT-digest from the dough fermented by VSL#3 did not show an increase of the infiltration of CD3(+) intraepithelial lymphocytes. Proteolytic activity by probiotic VSL#3 may have an importance during food processing to produce pre-digested and tolerated gliadins for increasing the palatability of gluten-free products.

So I wonder if taking this probiotic for a couple of months would have the same positive effect that would allow some w/wheat intolerance to have a piece of BREAD? :)


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Fascinating stuff. I wonder if you take it how long it takes to eat up those bad gliadin epitopes? Lowered gut permeability as well. That sounds like a nice strain of probiotic. It certainly shows the potential of those probiotic bacteria.


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Central Texas
dannybex cort VSL#3

Thanks so much for this. I am so impressed.

I've been taking VSL#3 for about 2 years. Recently I tried to go off (because of cost, it's $80 for 30 packets with 450 billion organisms per packet), and I had all kinds of problems.

Though some of my problems were from avemar, which I had to discontinue. (Anyone want to try this? I have most of a box left. Email me, first come first served.)

I already had evidence that I might be fructose intolerant, and avemar has fructose. Plus it's made from fermented wheat (though it's not supposed to contain gluten, I am allergic to wheat). So I guess it was dumb of me to try it.

The only problem with VSL#3 is the cost, though it may be cheaper per organism than any other brand. I take a full packet at night, 2 hours after my antibiotics. At lunch, I take a cheaper brand of mixed probiotics.

Slightly OT here, has anyone else used SeaCure or SeaGest? I wouldn't be able to take the high dose antibiotics without this. It heals the gut lining, and I wonder how effective it would be for leaky gut. It's recommended for chemotherapy, Crohn's and IBS.

Years ago, it seemed like healing my gut helped my MCS a great deal. I still have the genetic issues, but I can go into Walmart, and even the tire store, which used to give me a fever and knock me out for days. Moving out of the city helped too, so I don't know how much is gut problems and how much is over-exposure.

I need to learn more about MCS, I don't know if it's known what causes it. So many people have it, and I had no idea what it was like before coming to Cort's forum.

Thanks so much for the study, it is awesome news.