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Study links Gulf War vets' illnesses to area of service- USA Today


Senior Member
Gulf War Syndrome is highly similar to CFS. New findings on it have emerged:

Excerpts from article:
WASHINGTON - New research to be released Monday shows that veterans with Gulf War illness faced different toxins depending on where they were served: anti-nerve-agent pills and Scud missiles for forward-deployed troops and pesticides for support personnel in the rear.

..There's also no correlation between anthrax shots, depleted uranium and psychological issues and Gulf War illness, said the study by the Midwest Research Institute to appear in the Environmental Health Perspectives journal. That supports earlier research on those topics.

...They found Gulf War illness was most prevalent in the veterans who served in Iraq or Kuwait or the combat zones who took pyridostigmine bromide pills, which were small doses of nerve agent meant to help troops build up a resistance in case of a chemical attack.

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