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Strontium supplementation bad for bones? (also Rx strontium in Europe)

I read somewhere about strontium being important for bones, so I was looking into supplementation.

Found this article. It has me scared of strontium supplements. http://saveourbones.com/strontium-demistyfied/

I don't know if the article is true. The author appears to think she is an expert and wants to sell information. However, on WebMD they say "Strontium is chemically similar to calcium" so I think it may be bad to supplement like calcium seems to be.


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I have cut and pasted from that article and will comment from my experience:

Strontium has a long list of undesirable side-effects, commonly ranging from nausea to skin irritation, and less often (fortunately), blood clots and fainting.
I have never had any of these side effects in the many years I have taken strontium.
  • Since strontium is denser than calcium, it is difficult to assess actual bone improvement in a DEXA scan.

    Yes, if you get a dexa scan you have to have it read allowing for the different density of strontium. Easy to do, conversion tables are readily available.
  • Several studies conclude that strontium causes the outer cortical bone to become thicker, actually reducing tensile strength. This increases the risk of fractures.
    Most of the "bone researchers" I have read disagree.
  • Strontium competes with calcium absorption.
    This may be true to some extent but it has never shown up on the many tests that I have had done. I have always tested at normal calcium levels.