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strong muscle jerks after activity. Anyone else?


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Hi, i have been experiencing increasing muscle jerking. In the past i have had twitching, shaking, vibrating and restless leg syndrome, most of which have been helped/cured by magnesium supplements.
But now i am having really strong jerks in my arms, legs, shoulder and the middle of my body but only when i stop doing an activity. For example after ive cooked dinner i have to go lay on the couch to recover and then it will start. The sensation is like restless leg a bit in that i can feel it buiding up and then wham out goes the leg or arm etc. I have it on both sides of my body and it is getting worse. Often ots only in the evening but now hasmoved to earlier in the day too.
I hope not too much info but ive started to get it really bad after sex ( yes i know im a lucky girl i can still manage it occasionaly) Yesterday i just lay there with my arms and lefs flailing around after for about 20 mins and it wasnt romantic i can tell you. Its really getting me down and im finding it quite distressing.
I have had mito testing done that shows abnormalities and i wondered if it could be related to mitochondrial dysfunction. Any ideas?
Western Australia
I have had some muscle jerks, not a lot, but some. All those weird twitching or jerking-type-things always seem to happen more when I have over-done it. So yes, I think that it could have a lot to do with mitochondrial dysfunction. You use up what little energy stores you have, and then all hell breaks loose!
I know it is frustrating, but maybe you need to rest more. Easier said than done, I know, with the crazy hectic pace of life these days.
take care, ness